Corruption Costs Mexicans USD 165 per Person

The Superior Audit Office of Mexico revealed that corruption in Mexico costs USD 165 annually per person.* It stressed that in 2010 corruption cost Mexican households around USD 58 more than in 2003, representing 14% of family income.

“The assessments performed by Transparency Mexico have demonstrated that in the period 2003-10, acts of corruption doubled, going from 101 mln acts of corruption in 2003 to 200 million in 2010, while the cost tripled, from USD 10,6 bln in the first year, to more than USD 32 bln in the last, meaning that the total value of improper payments made to evade legal requirements have grown at twice the rate as have acts of corruption.”

Read more (in Spanish)…

*Note: the article indicates the values in pesos, but should be in USD.

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