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Anticorruption Update – Stalled Reform, Policing PEMEX/CFE

Forgotten Reform As discussed in previous posts, corruption in Mexico is a serious issue, costing the country up to around 9 percent of GDP. Thus, it’s not surprising that corruption has made its way onto the reform agenda of the Pacto por Mexico. … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Mexico’s Economy – Informality

Journalists are running out of adjectives to describe Mexico’s recent economic performance: disappointing, slow, lackluster, stalled, etc. But they are not running out of people to cheerily forecast that improvement is right around the corner. This is the narrative pivot … Continue reading

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Pacto por Mexico – Energy Reform Update

It has taken a bit longer than expected for the secondary legislation of the Energy Reform to make it through the Congress. On Wednesday, the Senate published the changes made to the secondary legislation in committee, all of which can … Continue reading

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Pacto por Mexico – Telecom Reform Passed

On Monday, July 14, President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) signed the much-delayed telecom reform into law (full text of the reform here, in Spanish). EPN’s administration is fond of using infographics to communicate, and the telecom reform was no exception. … Continue reading

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