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Things Fall Apart – Iguala Interrupts Mexico’s Moment

It only took one month for Mexico to go from model student to failed state. The media is fickle that way. But, the events in Iguala have only highlighted a reality that has persisted in Mexico for several years now … Continue reading

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Anticorruption Update – PAN Unveils its Initiative, Finish Line in Sight

Previous posts described the latest developments with the Anticorruption Reform in the Chamber of Deputies (the Senate passed a version of the reform in December 2013). Although long-delayed, it appears that the Congress will pass the reform during the current legislative session. … Continue reading

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Anticorruption Update – Wither the Commission?

In a previous anticorruption update, I addressed the stalled reform involving the National Anticorruption Commission, and how the creation of a Special Prosecutor for Corruption Crimes further hindered the Commission’s creation. It seems things have gotten worse for the hypothetical Commission … Continue reading

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Anticorruption Update – Stalled Reform, Policing PEMEX/CFE

Forgotten Reform As discussed in previous posts, corruption in Mexico is a serious issue, costing the country up to around 9 percent of GDP. Thus, it’s not surprising that corruption has made its way onto the reform agenda of the Pacto por Mexico. … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Mexico’s Economy – Informality

Journalists are running out of adjectives to describe Mexico’s recent economic performance: disappointing, slow, lackluster, stalled, etc. But they are not running out of people to cheerily forecast that improvement is right around the corner. This is the narrative pivot … Continue reading

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Mexico’s New Anticorruption Initiative – Facelift or Reconstructive Surgery?

In a previous post, we asked how Mexico should approach the urgent need to reduce the level of corruption in the country. Indeed, anticorruption measures are one of the key reform promises of the government’s Pacto por Mexico. Mexico’s problem … Continue reading

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How Should Mexico Fight Corruption?

One of the major areas targeted for reform in the Mexican government’s Pact for Mexico is “Transparency, Accountability, and the Fight Against Corruption” (section 4 of the Pact). The reforms in this area foresee the following: greater accountability of government … Continue reading

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